Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Final Installment of the Tokio Pub Lunches

Once again, my daughter and I went to Tokio Pub to finish our $57 free vouchers!

We ordered the same things we had done in the past only this time, we got two of the Crazy Dragon Rolls and one Godzilla Roll.  We also added a Shrimp Crispy Rice (reminded us of Chinese Shrimp Toast).  To start out, we once again ordered the Barbecue-Braised Pork Nachos.  Click here to see their menu.

We didn't quite finish our $57, so our waitress suggested we get a couple of Bignet dessert balls that were made of chocolate.  In all, our total bill was $0.  We gave her a nice tip, of course!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Night Real Estate Photography

An example of a night real estate photo.  Image taken with a Nikon Df full frame camera on RAW capture.  Lens used was a Nikon 14-24mm f2.8.

Tokio Pub - Again

Went again to Tokio Pub today!  Got their Barbeque-Braised Pork Nachos again and two sushi rolls (Godzilla Roll and Crazy Dragon Roll) and Tempura Shrimp Buns.

This was part of the "free" deal described in my previous post.  I have one more $57 voucher to use, so back to Tokio Pub next week!  Images were taken with my Apple iPhone 6s+.

Tokio Pub's menu can be found here: