Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally Got Out To Fish - Lucky Dog Charters

With so many things going on this year, I worried that I might not get in any fishing this year!  But this past Sunday, some friends from church along with my nephew and his best friend gathered together on          Lucky Dog Charters out of Waukegan Harbor to spend 6 hours out on Lake Michigan.

The day started out with thunder and lightning and so we wondered if the afternoon trip from 1:30 PM to 7:30 PM would be rained out.  But a call to Captain Jim Kaske of the Lucky Dog was all it took to confirm we were headed out.  The captain was right... it turned out to be a great afternoon... not too hot, slightly overcast day (until later when the sun started to come out.)

We were after steelhead salmon and to find them required us to hunt for colder waters.  We went out perhaps 7 or 8 miles into the lake and started catching fish in pairs.  Almost immediately after setting the lines, my nephew caught the first fish.  A second one followed shortly after.  Whenever the bite stopped, our captain started looking for colder waters.  Everytime he found a patch of cold water, we'd get a fish or two!

In all, we caught 15 fish... mostly steelhead in the 7 or 8 lb range.  But we also had a couple in the 10 lb range as well.  For me, I caught the smallest of the group at only 2 lbs, but made up for it by catching two large 7 or 8 lb King Salmon as well.  The last fish of the day was a lake trout.

Our group photo shows only 13 fish, but we caught two more after the photo was taken.  A small Fuji F10 point and shoot camera was used to take these images.

Kudos to our captain from Lucky Dog Charters for working so hard to find us fish.  I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking to do some charter fishing out of Waukegan Harbor!

Be sure to click on each photo for a closer look.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Going Strong!

I've been teaching a lot of classes lately, but still having fun doing it!

The classes have definitely been keeping me from updating my blog however.  In the past, I'd update at least twice per week.  But now I'm finding it hard even to keep up with all the emails and phone calls that it makes it really hard to even take the time to post a simple blog entry.

I appreciate everyone checking in on the blog though.  While I may not be posting as much, according to my blog statistics, my readers are still hanging in there with me.  Nice to know I have dedicated readers!

Hang in there!

Monday, July 04, 2011