Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photography Field Trip at "The Grove" - Glenview, IL

A group of my Balanced Exposure students met today at The Grove in Glenview, IL to do a little shooting in the field.  I was very proud that all of the students seemed to know what they were doing with their cameras after having taken one of my introduction to photography courses!

I gave them some challenging things just to test them and they were all able to do it!  It really makes it worthwhile when you can see your efforts as an instructor being put in action.

While it was a bit chilly outside, we had plenty of things to shoot indoors as well.  We talked about lighting, composition, angles and other photography related things as we took our shots.

This is the first group of my students who have signed up for the Field Trip class.  More to come... every other Sunday until the end of September!

This image was taken with the Canon T2i with its kit lens.  See... I actually do have and use a Canon camera at times!  I bought it to help teach the DSLR Advanced class, but it comes in handy when I don't want to lug around that large and heavy Nikon D3 / Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens!