Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jessica And A Fender Telecaster

Recently, I had a photo session with my model Jessica to create a photo for the next Balanced Exposure ad which will run on CBS Local.  Since we had some extra time, I had Jessica try out my Fender Telecaster and snapped a few shots of her.

She was photographed against a green screen, so I "extracted" her out of the background and added her to a variety of backgrounds which were purchased for green screen application.

Which do you like best?

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Two Days In Racine Wisconsin

My friend Jim and I spent two days fishing in Racine Wisconsin on 10/2/12 and 10/3/12.  Our friend Manny joined us on 10/3/12.

On 10/2, we fished hard from 4:45 AM to 9 PM with just a break for lunch and dinner.  We continued on 10/3 from 5 AM to 12 noon.  We each lost one fish, but the only one caught was this 28 inch, 10 lb female King Salmon (Chinook).

We put the time in, but the bite was tough.  Not many other people out there seemed to catch anything, so getting at least one isn't bad!