Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Chicago Auto Show

I had the chance to go to the 2013 Chicago Auto Show yesterday with my brother-in-law.  It had been a couple of years since I had gone, so it was nice to get out to see the new vehicles.  We spent most of our time looking at the brands of vehicles we were most interested in and it turns out both of us were looking at cars that were hybrids.

To me, it makes most sense today to find a vehicle that can get at least 40 mpg.  We all know there are cars out there that can get at least this and some can get over 50 mpg.  So why bother with cars that still hover in the low 20 mpg ranges?

Regardless, the vehicles I liked to photograph most were still sports cars that are way over my price ranges and concept cars that nobody can ever buy!  Here are some quick images for you to get an idea of what caught my eye:

Honda EV-ster Concept Car:

Mercedes Benz Style Coupe Concept Car:

Lexus LFA:

Chevy Camaro:

Corvette Stingray: