Monday, August 10, 2015

Tree Removal - Jesse's Tree Maintenance

I had an apple tree removed from our backyard last week by Jesse's Tree Maintenance.  Great job!

Four guys came in and removed the dead tree.  The owner, Jesse, also trimmed back a huge Magnolia tree that was getting way too heavy to be safe.  You can see Jesse at work using a long pole with a saw at the end of it.  He didn't even need to climb the tree!  The huge pole made the work a lot easier for him!

One of his crew had to climb my neighbor's tree, however.  His tree was hanging way over to our garage and he felt it was best to take some of those branches down just in case.  Since Jesse was at our home working, it made it easy for him to do this as well.  My other neighbor who had recommended Jesse to me in the first place came over and had him go to her house to remove an old tree stump in her yard.  The one stop to our home gave him two extra jobs!  Not bad...

I'd recommend Jesse's Tree Maintenance if you ever need trees to be cut down or trimmed.  They did all the work in just over one hour.  They were quick and reasonably priced.  I had another service quote the job and it was a lot more expensive.  By the way, the stump remover machine is awesome!  It essentially chops up the stump and turns it into mulch!

Catfish Caught at Racine Harbor

I went fishing this morning at Racine Harbor, but as usual, I didn't catch anything.

I saw at least 10 fish swimming directly in front of me!  I threw every lure at them even hitting a couple of the fish in the head with my bait... nothing!  I could not get them to bite!

Disappointed, I decided to travel down a little farther than where I usually fish and ran into this nice gentleman named Rick who told me he had caught a catfish!  In all the years he had been fishing out of Lake Michigan (since he was a boy), he had never seen anyone catch a catfish out of Lake Michigan!

He said while fishing, he caught a very small Gobi (which is an invasive species that we all don't want in the lake.)  He decided to use the gobi as bait and caught this nice catfish with it!  I asked if I could take his picture and he kindly obliged.  I'll email the photos to him.

While I didn't catch anything (nobody else did too except for Rick), at least this catfish got caught!  Congrats Rick!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunrise At Racine Harbor - Wisconsin

No fish caught last week, but at least I got some nice sunrise photos!  Images taken with a Lumix DMC-LX5 camera on 16x9 aspect ratio.  Manual mode - shutters vary from 1/320 to 1/800 sec with apertures from f2.0 to f3.3 and ISO at 80.