Sunday, November 22, 2015

Balanced Exposure Field Trip - Photo Contest At The Field Museum

Well, I tried to get a bunch of students today for the Field Museum / Photo Contest, but only 3 students showed up (that I know of...)
With the snow being a factor and also the Bears game happening (I didn't realize it was game day)... many students who said they would go, couldn't. Being game day too, parking was $49!! The lot I normally park at was hosting a tailgate party and I could not get in, so I was sent to Soldier Field's parking garage. The only reason they let me in was because I have a handicap placard! At lease one of our students was turned away altogether because he didn't have a pre-approved parking pass. What a nightmare.
Students Donna Sandfox, Nicole Schneider and I roamed the Field Museum together. It was REALLY empty today considering it was a "Free Day"! The Bears game really put a damper on things. After we were all done and ready to go, we ran into student Mohammed Hussain who brought his whole family. He had to park a long distance by DePaul and walk it! Luckily, he dropped his family off first. We missed him the entire day but because he did show up today, he qualifies to enter the contest.
The three students stand a very good chance of winning the contest prize simply because the odds of winning are really good! 1-in-3 chance... unless some other students showed up and I don't know about it. But the rules state you must shoot today at the Field Museum in order to enter the contest.
I have another professional photographer judging their entries and will announce the winner after he's made his decision.
Thanks to all who came out and I'm very sorry for those who tried to make it and were turned away due to the parking situation.
By the way, the photo of the group of people are not from our school. They were random people at the museum, but I thought it was funny how they all posed for their own selfie!  smile emoticon