Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Butter Chicken Lunch Special From Indian Bistro - Palatine

A quick review of a hidden gem restaurant found in Palatine, IL... Indian Bistro!

I've been here a several times and usually order the Butter Chicken.  I like Butter Chicken and have had it at several Indian Restaurants in the past.  The ones I like the best are at the lunch buffet at Himalayan Restaurant in Niles (across the street from Golf Mill Shopping Center) and the lunch specials here at Indian Bistro.

Indian Bistro offers Butter Chicken as one of its many lunch specials for $5.99 which includes Butter Chicken, Basmati Rice and some cucumbers.  Overall, the taste is very good, although I'd like a little more portions if possible!  I usually order the "spicy" version which really isn't all that spicy.  Not sure why three different times the color seemed to change on the dish though!  Perhaps one is more spicy than the other?  Less food coloring on one of them?  Either way, all tasted great!

The restaurant is set up more like a fast food establishment.  You'll see the guys behind the counter taking orders and cooking up your food.  Seating here is the typical fast food tables and chairs.  You order your food, pay, sit and wait to pick it up at the counter.  The nice thing about this is... no tip needed!  But if you are looking for atmosphere... it's not here!

Good Indian food quick and easy!  Check them out if you get the chance!

My daughter likes Mutter Paneer (also known as Mater Paneer)... she likes anything with peas in it!