Monday, April 27, 2015

More Updates on Using the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

An update on my experiences with an Apple Macbook Pro computer... I'm getting faster using it! After living with it now for several months, I'm finding I can do things a lot faster than when I first got it. Does that mean it's better than a PC? No. It's just different.
I think those who have used a PC as their main computer for years will always struggle initially when trying out an Apple computer.  It's not easy to use and figure out without spending more time on it.
I believe the main problem I was having using Microsoft Excel and Word on it is an issue with the Microsoft program on Apple computers. I don't think it's the Apple computer itself. Copy and pasting cells in Excel just is not fast enough. But this issue is not a problem if you use Apple's "Numbers" spreadsheet. So this tells me it's a software issue, not a computer issue. Still, for those of us that use Microsoft programs on an Apple computer, it's just terrible!
I still find that file manipulation is just painful to do on an Apple computer. There's no real fast way to move things around! It's a LOT FASTER to move files around on a PC. For that, I don't like Apple's approach!
So am I a full convert to Apple computers yet? No. I doubt I will ever be fully converted. But, I do like how I have had little to no problems so far with viruses, popups and other things that plague PC use. The computer starts up lightning fast. I never have to turn it off... I just close the display lid on the computer and put it away. Then when I want to use it, I open the lid and it's up and running! Battery life is amazing on this computer too!
I'm getting faster with the touchpad as well. The new Force Touch trackpad on my computer is amazingly good. You can click anywhere on the pad and it feels and works great! It's much better than the previous version of trackpads on 13" MacBook Pros. I'm glad the Apple store in Woodfield Mall let me swap my computer out for the newer version with this new trackpad!
More updates as I continue to learn the Apple operating system...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Century Egg - aka 100 Year Old Egg

The Century Egg, also known as the 100 year old egg or 1000 year old egg, is actually a preserved duck egg.  I recall contestants on the TV show, "Fear Factor" had to endure eating these.

For many Asians, this egg is actually eaten often!  It is usually combined with rice congee when served.  Would I dare eat them?  Absolutely!  I've been eating these eggs since I was a young boy!

The toughest part about eating these eggs is the egg yolk.  The smell and taste can put you off if you've never tried it before.  They definitely have an ammonia smell to them and the texture can be a bit surprising.  But, if you've grown up eating these, they actually are quite tasty.  I actually look forward to them when eating a bowl of congee! (Images borrowed from the internet)

Would you try these?  Post your comments!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sunrise at Racine Harbor - April 14, 2015

Sunrise at Racine Harbor, Racine, Wisconsin.  Went fishing from 4:15 AM to 7:30 AM... not a single bite!  At least I got a decent photo!  Image taken with a Lumix DMC - LX5 point and shoot camera.  Image taken on manual mode, ISO 80, 1/250 second, f4.0.  Four Thirds image sensor.  Shot at 5:16 AM.