Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Sabiki Rig Fishing - Catching Bluegills and Crappie at Lake Zurich, IL

I went fishing at Lake Zurich today at 7:30 AM.  I caught a 9.5 inch crappie around 10:20 AM. I also caught a bluegill. My fishing buddy Jim caught a bluegill as well. All fish were caught on a sabiki rig.  I've included a couple of Amazon links to sabiki rigs if you need one.  Great rig to catch small fish that are hanging around the pier!  Seems these small fish can't help but bite on the rig!  

Last year, we did the same thing and caught a number of bluegills on it.  If you are a salmon fisher out of Lake Michigan and want to catch alewife as baitfish, use a sabiki rig!!

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